About Us

Wuxi Donglin Sci & Tech Development Co.,Ltd., is a manufacturer and supplier of biological reagents for life science, headquartered in the scenic area beside Taihu Lake.

   Founded in 1997, our company began business as an OEM service provider of ELISA kits across the world.

   In 2013, we launched our own brand DLdevelop. We specialize in manufacturing ELISA kits and distribute to Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and America. With the expansion of business, we set up an overseas branch in Canada, a domestic one in Shanghai.


   (1) Selected raw materials and state-of-the- art technologies help ensure the superior quality of our products with a one-year shelf life, which is six months longer than other manufacturers.

   (2) We have more than 6000 ELISA kits available. With the advance of our technology, more kinds of and more specific ELISA kits will be developed to meet the markets need.  

   (3) We strictly comply with national and international QC requirements. Our company is an ISO9001: 2008 and CE certificated enterprise.

   Based on our strong innovative R&D teams, we are always committed to providing global scientists and researchers with the high quality ELISA kits and the best customer experience.

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