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Quality Assurance

Wuxi Donglin Sci & Tech Development Co., Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise who has a strong technical team. We are always strict at its raw materials selection, technical research and development, quality control, delivery and after-sales to make sure each kit’s quality.

1. Raw Material Selection: We are picky on choosing materials---all our materials are from best suppliers home and aboard. After receiving them, our technical department will test with these materials and do the tests again and again to make sure the origin of the kits are of the best quality.

2. Technical Research and Development: We make use of the best original materials to combine with the best technological process and guarantee each kit’s quality.

3. After we finish its production, the kit will be handed over to shipping department. Before that, a three times strict QC will be done to ensure its 100% quality.

4. Delivery: We cooperate with some internationally logistics company to gurantee the orders arrived in time. We add ice bags to keep its shipping temperature at 2-8℃.

5. After-sales service: We suggest our partner send the order to customer as soon as they receive it and store it according to our manual. The kit’s specification is 96-Well 12x8 detachable strip plate. If there are some unused strip plate, keep it well and it can be used in your next experiment.
Any question or difficulty, please feel free to contact us via service@dldevelop.com.cn

If there is any quality problem on our product, we will send a replacement or refund to you as you requested. If it is your operation problems, we’ll give you according suggestions till you finish your experiment.

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